Key Stage 2 ICT
Pupils' Record of Achievement/Self Assessment Sheets

Assessment for Learning

These sheets (see links below) are closely linked with the QCA Exemplar Scheme of Work for ICT.

The purpose of the sheets is to support teachers in communicating the objectives of the units to the children and to provide the children with the opportunity to reflect upon their learning and, with some guidance, record their achievements. In this way they can make a valuable contribution to a school's approach to Assessment for Learning.

Each sheet consists of a heading, being the title of the QCA Unit, three ordered groups of possible "learning outcomes" (phrased in terms of "I can..." statements) and three simple statements to be completed by the children.

The groups of "learning outcome statements" are slight re-phrasings (and occassionally amplifications) of those printed in the EXPECTATIONS section found on the front page of each of the QCA units. Each of these sections has statements prefaced by "at the end of this unit most children will...", "some children will not have made so much progress and will..." and "some children will have progressed further and will also..."

In converting these statements to "I can..." statements I have avoided simplifying the ICT terminology but have, in some cases, altered other non-technical vocabulary without, I hope, changing the meaning!

On these pupils' sheets I have also placed the groups of statements in order with the "some children will not have made so much progress and will" first, the "most children will" second and the "some children will have progressed further and will also" last. For obvious reasons, however, these epithets have been left out! Where the identical statement appears in the "some children will not have made so much progress and will" and the "most children will" sections of the QCA Expectations list, I have only included it once, placing it in the earlier section.

Use the links below to download the ICT Self Assessment/Record of Achievement sheets for Years 3-6.

Year 3 units

Year 4 units

Year 5 units

Year 6 units

For further information about the rationale underlying the sheets, please refer to the "rationale and explanation" available on the pages introducing the parallel Science self assessment/Record of Achievement sheets. To view this information, follow the links on the following page.

Science Self Assessment/Record of Achievement sheets

For similar pupil target/record sheets in maths, follow this link:

Numeracy Self Assessment sheets/Record of Achievement

I would very much appreciate some feedback on the likely usefulness of such a resource to other practising teachers.

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