Primary Framework for Literacy:

supporting Assessment for Learning

This page and the links below share ideas which I have prepared to help me encourage the children in my class to monitor and improve their learning in literacy. In particular, these resources help me to develop self assessment sheets, Records of Achievement and "success criteria" charts for the pupils to use in literacy lessons.

These resources were created to facilitate my work as a junior school teacher and are intended to help support teachers in: These recources can therefore make a valuable contribution to a school's approach to Assessment for Learning.

The source sheets are NOT intended for use by the children "as seen". Rather, it is expected that the class teacher will select relevant sections only, adapting and rearranging elements to match the age and abilities of the pupils, to produce bespoke sheets for their particular class or even for groups or individuals.

The Primary Framework for Literacy Assessment for Learning Source Sheets
(supporting Records of Achievement, pupil self-assessment and individual target setting)

Click the following links to download the Source Sheets in RTF format. The documents will open in most word processor applications.

For narrative writing, there are also Pupil Target/Self-Assessment sheets for each year group. These are intended to encourage self assessment and facilitate the setting of targets closely related to the scheme of work and objectives defined in the Renewed Framework for Literacy. These are in PDF format.

Follow this link for examples of success criteria/pupil self--assessment sheets based on the above documents I have used with my classes.

"Poetry: an Assessment for Learning source sheet" is in development:

I would very much appreciate some feedback on the likely usefulness of these resources for other practising teachers.

Please contact me if you have any comments at:

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