National Literacy Strategy: Framework for Teaching and The Literacy Hour

An index for teachers

These pages publish an index for the literacy hour Framework for Teaching being taught in primary schools in the United Kingdom from September 1998.

The indexes were created to help me in my work as a junior school teacher. They are intended to help in the following ways:

Now, in view of the information contained in the recently published Section 4 of the Framework for teaching, I expect the indexes to be particularly useful to me and to others in finding objectives suitable for pupils with Special Educational Needs. This link (Click here) elaborates this point.

At present the indexes just cover Year 3 to Year 6 work.

The indexes:

Index for Word Level Work

Index for Sentence Level Work

Index for Text Level Work

A detailed index highlighting teaching about different forms of text is shown as an appendix.

Appendix to the Index for Text Level Work

For the above indexes in PDF format, please follow the link below.

Indexes in PDF format

I would very much appreciate some feedback on the likely usefulness of such a resource to other practising teachers.

Please contact me if you have any comments at:

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