ART: Assessment for learning and Pupils Achievement Profiles
Pupil Progress and Target Sheet - a Record of Achievement

The sheet (see link below) is closely linked to the National Curriculum and the work done by the Art and Design expert group convened to advise on the Art and Design element of the 2014 National Curriculum.

The purpose of the sheet is to support teachers (primarily in Key Stage 2) in sharing objectives and learning outcomes of activities to the children and to provide the children with the opportunity to reflect upon their learning and, with some guidance, record their achievements. In this way they can make a valuable contribution to a school's approach to Assessment for Learning.

As I argue here this sheet may equally, and at the same time, be used as a tracker for pupils' acheivement in Art and Design.

The main learning in Art and Design has been divided into four "strands" at Key Stage 2 in the National Curriculum and, for each of these, one or more "End of Year" expectations have been phrased. The statements are based on the Expert Group's thoughts on assessment and I have retained, from the old curriculum, part of a strand on evaluating which referred to reflecting on their own work in art. (This is printed in green type.) The main progress and target tracking grid fits on one sheet (best printed or enlarged to A3) and a second side is offered to produce an Art and Design booklet when printed back-to-back.
Art and Design: Pupil Progress and Target Sheets/Acheivement Profile

I would very much appreciate some feedback on the likely usefulness of such a resource to other practising teachers.

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