Key Stage 2 Design and Technology
Pupils' Progress and Target Sheet/Self Assessment Sheet

A Framework for Assessment and Assessment for Learning
in the new National Curriculum for Design and Technology

The Pupils' Progress and Target/Self Assessment Sheet shared on this page is closely linked with the new Design and Technology National Curriculum in England.

The sheet (see link below) was prepared to help me, as a class teacher, make the children in my class more aware of what they had achieved in different aspects of their learning in Design and Technology and what some of the "next steps" for them may be. My hope is that, by using guided self-recording of their achievements, this will encourage my pupils to reflect on and monitor their own performance and recognise their achievements and will also contribute to their record of achievement. In addition, it will help me to give relevant, individual pupil or group targets in Design and Technology and, since we no longer will be recording acievement using "levels", I hope that the sheet will enable me to give interim and end of year assessments of children's attainment in a way which is as accessible and transparent as possible. For me, this will be a profile of their achievement across the range of areas of the subject rather than any "best fit" number.

Items on the sheet are derived from example statements in the Design and Technology Association document Design and Technology Progression Framework.

Use the link below to download the Design and Technology Pupil Progress and Target/Self-Assessment sheet.

Design and Technology Progress and Target Sheet (new curriculum)

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For further information about the sheet and a way in which it could be used, please read on.

What are the main features of the Design and Technology Progress and Target Sheet?

How is the Pupil Progress and Target/Self Assessment Sheet used?

Day by day, week by week:

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